Joann Buchan

Joann BuchanYoga has always drawn me in, in various points throughout my life when I needed it most. From a young age I was health conscious but also clumsy and injury prone. I fell playing football when I was around 11 and fractured my coccyx. I remember receiving a book from my grandmother and trying shoulder stand in my bedroom. I would practice in my bedroom whilst listening to music and to help with pain I was feeling in my lower back. This is an area I’ve always had weakness in. I then tried various styles of yoga and developed a regular practice. I love keeping fit and tried many different types of fitness and sports but nothing leaves me feeling the way I do after a yoga practice.

It wasn’t until I had my hip surgery in September 2013 that made me realise how much I missed my physical practice. However it got me deeper into the other amazing aspects that yoga has to offer, pranayama (breath) meditations, philosophy. That time taught me a lot about how I can use my practice to help heal my body, reduce my stress and frustrations and integrate this into my life. Yoga gives me a strength that I’ve never experienced before.

I became a yoga teacher for my love of yoga and to learn more about my body, to help with my heal and to deal with some past issues. Yoga is my therapy. I want to help others experience that feeling . . . the feeling of stepping on your mat and feeling that nothing else matters. The feeling of your body transforming, getting stronger and letting go.

As I’ve grown my practice has evolved, I’ve wanted to learn more my body, how it works and to learn more about the world both inner and outer. Yoga is part of my everyday life, when I sit or stand on my mat I feel focussed, calm and strong.

Unfortunately an injury set me back from my goals and progressing with my practice. I believe there is always a right time and things happen for a reason. After surgery I was determined to become stronger both mentally and physically. KCR and yoga has been the perfect combination to allow me to achieve this.

I teach Vinyasa flow, a flowing yoga sequence, where one posture links to another and is synchronised with the breath. However I work in a way that it therapeutic for the body.

Physically yoga creates a toned, flexible and strong body. Yoga improves respiration, digestion, increases energy and relieves pain. Yoga helps you to look younger than your age, improves your athletic performance.

Mentally yoga helps to relax and focus the mind, helps you to handle stressful situations, encourages positive thoughts and self love.

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