Kevin Buchan

Kevin BuchanCompetitive sport has been a huge part of my life from about the age of 6, I managed to stay injury free, mostly, up to the age of 10 then things went downhill!  Joking aside I have had a sporting career littered with injury but wouldn’t change it for anything. I represented the district in both swimming and rugby at age group level and met some awesome people and lifelong friends. I even managed the dream of playing at Murrayfield with some of them.

I’ve experienced many different methods to keep me playing, none as successful as kinetic chain release and connective tissue release. I have many to thank for the introduction to this excellent modality.  I originally took the course to help Jo get over her hip injury and many courses later I love helping people from many walks of life.  Whether it’s a young child struggling at school or with an injury or an older person having difficulty with day to day life, it always makes me feel better when I can help other people.

Sport has been an important part of my journey, not only in the playing.  Following my degree course in education, specialising in physical activity, I started the Enjoy-a-Ball West Lothian franchise. Within this I coach young children in different ball sports and give children a fun, positive first experience in sport and activity.

I continue to enjoy sport, especially helping athletes recover from injury or to perform at the best level they can.  I love that I can do all of this through KCR.