Antiperspirant is a Drug, who knew?

We have used this salt based natural deodorant for a while and although I was self conscious about it to begin with, the protection seemed to build up and I no longer stink! Either that or I am now used to the smell.

I read an interesting article this morning that stated deodorant is classed as a cosmetic and anti perspirant a drug!

I knew that deodorant had stuff in it that wasn't exactly healthy which is why Jo moved me onto the natural alternative but I shrugged, said I'd give it a go and went back and forward a few times concerned about about the wellbeing of my clients and the concern of pong possibilities that came from my underarm.

I was amazed however that antiperspirant was a drug. It is classed as so because they perform a biological function, they prevent perspiration and sweating although if I'm honest I never felt they actually did that as well as they said.  48 hours protection was never what I received from this product and I always felt a bit niffy at the end of the working day, a mere 8 hours. Yeah I had a physical job but that's 40 hours short, a mere 17% of my promised protection.

So like any other drug Antiperspirant must have side effects and it's unclear but some cause hormone disruption and allergic reactions (I've used a couple that gave me a red, itchy underarm). Some have even claimed that it can cause breast cancer or alzheimer's although this has been rubbished by others.

The salt deodorant goes along with our more natural way of living. We are trying to use less plastic and packaging, (Although Amazon could probably help with this by ditching their ridiculous packaging), we’ve stop taking painkillers and other drugs and instead using natural remedies.  Have a look at our What is Ayurveda blog for suggestions or ditch the painkillers or over the counter medications and try KCR or other treatments.

This is the long story of my experience. The salt natural alternative for me works, it took a couple of weeks but I honestly feel now that it is better at keeping away Body odour than it's chemically counterparts.  It's natural, chemical free which is surely better for the environment as well as me. And it lasts for absolutely ages, a winner in my book.