Small Business Saturday

SmallBusiness Sat.png

Today on Small Business Saturday you will have seen our Facebook posts from people who run local businesses across Central Scotland about supporting local businesses, that they do a happy dance when someone buys from them. If you’ve not seen our posts or don’t buy from local businesses, then please think about support them by sharing a status, writing a comment on their Facebook post etc.  You may have seen things online about making the rich richer and when you buy a perfume by Beyonce or a pair of jeans by Kim Kardashian it doesn’t mean anything to them and you are just making them richer. The Jeans will probably be too loose on the bum anyway. How many people don’t support the guy that has the shop down the road or support their friends business?

Every time someone books an appointment, it makes us smile. Every yoga class, workshop or retreat that is full we hi-five, when we get a corporate booking we punch the air. We appreciate each and every person that makes a booking, shares our posts or passes on our details.  We have a few followers on facebook that share everything we do, some constantly pass our details to others and others continue coming along to classes, retreats, appointments and workshops. For that we are eternally grateful.

We run a family business, all our eggs are in this basket so to speak, every penny we make is so important to us, it pays our bills at The Barn and our bills at home, it helps us to continue to make improvements to our service, products and premises.  It helps us put food on the table and go away somewhere nice on holiday. We don’t drive fancy cars or live in a fancy house. If we have a good week it’s great but if we have a quiet week concern sets in and we need to time our holidays strategically around quiet times.  We chose this journey as a lifestyle choice, we want to improve our lifestyle and practice what we preach, we want to get out of the rat race and build something we love. Going away on a trip and experiencing nature and different culture is way more important to us than having a new fancy car.

After the KCR masterclass in Hawaii last year this strategic timing of being away was very apparent.  February is not a good time, when we should have been building and planning for the year ahead we were excited about Hawaii, the course was amazing and totally worth it but both of us being away at that crucial time stalled our plans.  After my Mum died at the end of March Jo did so well to keep going, classes still ran, appointments still took place, even through the devastation and heartache she stayed so strong and supported me so well, the business still ran, there was no option.  Momentum however was broken and this has absolutely affected our business.

You are all so important to us and we really do care. You are not a number to us, we appreciate each and every one of you. We encourage you to hug us too, we love a hug.