How I Changed My Career


I started doing KCR after receiving treatment for a shoulder injury. After an unsuccessful recovery I tried this KCR thing that Jo had been going for.

We don’t treat any specific injury but instead treat the person with the pain. I found it to be so effective I played rugby that weekend with no pain in my shoulder and got myself booked onto Kinetic Chain Release level 1. Originally it was to help Jo but things progressed unexpectedly and I found myself working with friends, family, teammates and a few others.

I love helping people and really enjoyed seeing the difference I could make, sometimes the difference was so quick, it gave me a buzz.  I continued along the journey and after 7 more courses and over 250 hours of teacher training here I am today, doing what I love.  


As well as growing my skills in body work, KCR, CTR and injury management. my experience in sport and coaching is invaluable to what I do. It allows me to assess  your needs, I know what you are going through, I know the need to get back in the game and perform as well as you can.  

I understand the frustrations of an injury, I get that sometimes things unexplainably hurt and I’ve had people tell me there is nothing wrong. (even though after they did more x-rays they found 3 fractures)

I love being up at the barn, working with Jo and building a life as well as a business together. 

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Our awards for Kinetic chain Release

Our awards for Kinetic chain Release