Why does having a leg length difference matter


At the beginning of KCR treatment we check for a leg length difference.  This is important because it instantly allows us to see if your body is in alignment.

Body alignment refers to how your body lines up from the head down to the ankles.  If your body is in alignment it is balanced, decreases the risk of injury and it works more efficiently. There can be many reasons we may be out of alignment, poor posture or an injury  and this can cause many different problems. Sore backs, hips, knees, necks, the list goes on.

If your leg length is different then this can result in each part of your body being out of balance, if your legs are different lengths it can affect your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders all the way up to your Jaw.

Through Kinetic Chain Release we aim to bring your body back into alignment/ balance and fix that leg length difference.  By doing this you are less likely to have musculoskeletal issues and we can keep your body active for a long time. Sitting, standing or working without pain can become reality.

Yoga helps stretch and strengthen the muscles and strengthens the core keeping you in balance.  We can see very quickly when your body is out of alignment and KCR can help with this. When working with Jo in a private session she insists on KCR first. This allows her not only to get you back into alignment so you are starting from a better position but also she can assess where you need work and tailor your sessions to get the best for you.

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