Why All Athletes Should Get KCR

Kinetic Chain Release is sometimes looked at as a last resort, nothing else has helped so I will give it a try! Recently a physio advised someone to come and see us because they couldn’t help. So why isn’t KCR a first option? It’s reasonably new as protocols go but Physio and founder Hugh Gilbert has worked in the field for nearly 50 years and been developing KCR for around 25 years. KCR has fantastic results with many problems ranging from a sore back to neuropathy and everything in between.


Athletes are seeing some great results too; quicker recovery time after training, faster healing from injuries, less anxiety and nerves in competition, improves athletic performance, the list genuinely goes on.


Injury Prevention

It helps to relax your muscles. Tight muscles result in restricted range of motion. Pushing yourself with limited mobility and tight muscles can result in injury, pain, and time-consuming rehab. KCR has great results in treating injury but by making it part of your regime it also prevents injury too.



Relieves pain

Kinetic Chain release mobilises the joints, stretches the muscles and brings the body back into alignment. Bringing the body back into balance alleviates pain and often this can be done quickly.

Along with connective tissue release and some of the other tools we use you can get back to competing faster, after all we want to get back on the pitch as soon as possible.


Improves sleep

Our clients often report of better sleep at night, improved energy during the day and this can result in better mood and focus. This not only helps in day to day life but is also obviously important in sport. By bringing the body back into balance it also helps bring the mind into balance.


Improves Physical Performance

This is huge for me and a big claim but we have had many athletes telling us they can kick higher, run faster, lift heavier or hit further.

If the body is in balance and working the way that it should it can improve maximum capability, making all these things possible. My friend sent his strava result showing a excellent drop in time on a run. A young Scottish fighter believed he was calmer in a karate competition and he could kick higher than before.

Improve your body, improve your performance.



I wish I had known about KCR sooner, it would have helped me greatly in rugby and swimming.

I represented the district in both sports at age group level, had the joy of playing in a final at Murrayfield and have a few Scottish and British medals from swimming in Masters competitions.

I have participated at a good level, coached sport and now really enjoying helping athletes to reach their potential.


I can help you with the tools, treatment and experience that I have learned through my life.

Choose a suitable appointment below and feel the benefits for yourself.