We often see clients with sore backs and we at Strength and Soul can help, but why is your back sore?  In this article I will try and give you some reasons for it being sore, how to help it when it is sore and how to get back into training or your day to day life.

Reasons your back may be sore


You have a leg length difference

Often KCR can fix this leg length difference (lld) in one session.  A lld causes your body to be out of alignment, your hips are uneven causing your body to react differently to different positions.  Pressure can be put on specific muscles and the vertebrae causing tightness or pain. (Why is a leg length difference important)


You are sitting in the wrong position

Many people sit on a laptop all day with their head looking down at a screen, this is also true for when we use our phone/iPad. It’s probably quite scary how often we sit like this and a fairly new diagnosis of “text neck” can be given. If you sit in that forward head position most of the day imagine what it can do to your back.


Repeated movements such as lifting or a sudden movement can strain back muscles or spinal ligaments.

A trauma

A Car crash, fall and many other traumas can cause back pain and can cause problems with disks, joints and muscles.

Chronic back pain

This can be caused by many issues.  KCR can help bring your body back into alignment and take pressure off your joints, disks, muscles and nerves.


A client said to me, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” inactivity is often a cause of back pain.

Being overweight can increase your risk of back pain.

How can I help myself?

do regular back exercises and stretches, yoga can obviously help here but stretches can be found online easily. Don’t push it, it shouldn’t cause more pain so gently does it.

Regular exercise can help keep your back strong. We are advised to do 150 minutes of exercise a week, it doesn’t need to be lifting weights or running. Do what you can and if it hurts your back then slow down or stop.

Don’t sit for too long when driving or at work. Get up and go for a walk or do a few gentle yoga poses. Make sure your sitting position isn’t making things worse.

Careful when lifting, bend the knees, get someone to help and as Ross from Friends says “pivot”

Check your posture when sitting, using computers and watching television – find out how to sit correctly. Is there a better way to use your laptop, phone or tablet?

Is the mattress on your bed suitable?

Lose weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Learn ways to move so you don’t get back pain. I’m not talking exercise here. If you are moving in a manner that hurts your back at work, home or any other time try and make a little adjustment to take the pressure off.

Strengthen your core, by strengthening the muscles it will protect your spine by moving the work your body does away from that sore area.  A bridge pose is fantastic for this as are many others but don’t go as far to cause pain.

Getting back to training

I know exactly how this feels, often we rush back too quickly and go straight into the same stuff we did before (lifting as heavy in the gym, straight into full contact rugby). I am not the guy who will tell you that you can’t do what you love.  However, you know exactly what you can and can’t do, if it hurts should you be doing it?

I’ve had physios tell me I couldn’t play in a big game or in fact any game and I did it anyway. I knew I shouldn’t have and you know this too!

Ease into it, if you can barely walk, don’t go for a run, don’t smash out squats with 100kgs. If you can squat without any weight and without any pain then build it up but start small.  This would be a good time to try some recovery yoga and strengthen your core. It may also help to ease in, perhaps with a walk or a slow, short jog. Try some body weight exercises, press ups, squats, lunges and make sure you get the posture correct so your not putting added pressure on your back.

Most Importantly, listen to your body. Gently ease into it and see how it responds. If it’s sore then you aren’t ready for that exercise yet. And by tailing things back then you are making sure that the exercises are being done properly, unlike when I put too much weight on the bar.

We can help, regular yoga with an excellent teacher will help you recover from injury and strengthen your core. Kinetic Chain Release and connective tissue release will enable you to get your body back into alignment, help your injury and get you back to doing what you love sooner.

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