Stress Management and KCR


Stress is something that effects all of us at some point.  It relates to the various stressors in our life.  Our needs are not being met, our brain detects a problem and our body prepares for fight or flight mode.  It's not something we can switch on or off and is more of a sliding scale with how stressed someone is and just because one thing is a stressor for you, doesn't mean it is for someone else.

It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.
— Hans Selye

Fight or Flight may be something you have heard before.  It regards the human ability to deal with stressors, you fight it or run away, this was literal in the past as the human race did this to survive.  Now things are a bit different.


Scientists have found also that a freeze mode exists, when you can’t fight it or run away then you literally freeze. For example in that split second before an accident you brace yourself, the connective tissue tightens up protect your body. See What is Connective Tissue?


Things are different now as I said, most of our stressers don’t require us to fight, flight or freeze but our body still reacts this way.  Adrenaline and cortisol are pumped around our body, our heart rate is elevated, muscles tighten, breathing changes. In the past this was immediately required and expelled as you launched towards or away from the situation or of course brace yourself.  Most of our stressors in the modern world are prolonged, possibly work, homelife, financial worries. There isn't that burst against it. This could be why we feel better after a run, an exercise class or in my case in the past, hitting someone on a rugby pitch.


The consequences of  the body being in this constant stress can be awful. Your muscles are tight and ache, your head can hurt, increased blood pressure, digestion problems you feel rubbish physically and mentally  and of course when these things progress it can lead to exhaustion, addiction, anxiety or depression and serious illness.


What can we do?

Exercise, it will make you feel better, it helps to us the adrenaline and cortisol that are being pumped around your body.  It's easier said than done, motivation for exercise decreases, time decreases, fitness decreases and you have those aching muscles too


Set goals, by setting positive goals it can help us to have our needs met and helps to improve our performance, gain resilience and helps to triumph over the obstacles.  Whether the goals may be physical like an exercise goal, work based or based around something else they can help us to focus and progress. If the goals are too easy to meet then you become bored, too difficult and it causes stress and exhaustion but just right it helps to motivate towards an end goal and that wonderful taste of success. Your needs are only met when you stretch yourself but not stressed.



Relax,  so many people don't know how to relax, it is crucial otherwise our body is constantly on the go, exhausting ourselfs, causing stress . why not try; Yoga classes, meditation, get outside, go for a walk and breathe, simple breathing techniques are a good start, do it now! Take 3 big deep breaths that you can hear, expand your chest and your stomach and focus on nothing but that breath.


Walk away, if something is too much then take yourself away from it for a bit, again go for a walk and breathe   sitting at your desk and struggling on isnt going to help.


KCR, treatments such as kinetic chain release can help relax the muscles, alleviate the pain and help you sleep better.

By bringing the body back into balance it has been known to help joint pain, muscle pain, migraines, back pain, give you more energy, improve sleep and much more.  Stress causes many physical issues such as tight neck, shoulders and back, problems that lots of people have sometimes due to stress but also due to our day to day life. Life is changing, we spend more of our time on computers, laptops, Ipads and phones bringing pain in the neck, shoulders and back.  KCR and can help the physical problems here improving tension in these areas, alleviating pain and improving flexibility. Therefore improving the physical symptoms of stress. Also helping to improve sleep it can improve part of the cycle.  The cycle being we are stressed, can’t sleep and our body gets tense which can cause more stress, we cant sleep etc. The hormones in our body causes more tension and further imbalance. It is also known that when we bring the body into balance the mind can follow.