Establishing a daily routine can be very grounding for everyone but particularly Vata dosha.

  1. Wake up early in the morning (summer months rise early around 6am, winter months you can wake a little later)

  2. Empty bowel and bladder. Don’t strain, this should be easy and natural. (Ayurveda never wants us to resist healthy natural urges, or strain by trying to force them.)Empty the bladder and the bowels. Morning elimination is natural and part of a daily routine and important to health. Starting your day fresh.

  3. If you don’t have a bowel movement in the morning, drinking warm water can help.

  4. Wash your face.

  5. Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue

  6. This is a practice I’ve done since my yoga teacher training. It’s a simple hygiene practice which allows you to observe your toxins (ama) which have accumulated on the tongue overnight. In the morning it can also help to stimulate the digestive tract.

  7. Pay attentions to the coating on our tongues each morning and to begin to see how our diet and lifestyle choices and habits influence our overall health from one day to the next.

  8. Drink a cup of warm water.

  9. Perform abhyanga — warm ayurvedic oil self-massage.

  10. Bathe or shower. Use warm rather than hot water.

  11. Exercise, as I’m sure you know in my opinion, yoga is a perfect way to start your day.

  12. Practice meditation or some quiet time journalling

  13. Time for breakfast.

Now you’re ready for your day. Then… work or school — you are ready to do this!


A morning routine the ayurvedic way.png