A Guide to your Mind Body Type

According to Ayurveda we all have a unique blend our own unique DNA made up of the three dosha's, which represent the five elements; Air, Space, Earth, Fire, Water. We are born with our own constitution which is a unique blend of the three doshas but you may fine one or two to be more prominent. Each dosha can go out of balance depending on our environment, lifestyle and season of our life. Find out which one you most relate to.  




VATA - Air + Space

Vata is the principle of movement, the elements of air and space within the body and the subtle energy that governs biological movement. Vata governs breathing, blinking of the eyelids, movements in the muscles and tissues, pulsations in the heart.  Vata also governs such sensations, feelings and emotions as nervousness, fear, anxiety, pain, tremors and spasms. The large intestine, pelvic, bones, skin, ears and thighs are the seats of vata. If the body develops an excess of vata, it will accumulate in these areas.

If you have a dominant Vata Dosha, movement and change are characteristics of your nature. You might find you are always busy and on the go, you may be energetic and creative. You are likely to have a lean body and tendency for dry skin. When you are in balance vata can be full of energy and enthusiastic, when out of balanced vata can feel anxious, experience joint pain, dry skin, weight loss or insomnia.


PITTA - Fire + Water

Pitta is formed from the elements fire and water. Pitta is translated as fire, the body's heat-energy. Pitta governs digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism, body temperature, skin coloration, the lustre of the eyes; and also intelligence and understanding. Psychologically, pitta arouses emotions of anger, hate and jealousy. The small intestine, stomach, sweat glands, blood, fat, eyes and skin are the areas of the body that are pitta.

If you have a dominant pitta dosha, you may be of medium build, have a strong appetite and digestion, get hot easily. Naturally you are ambitious, like to get things done and stay organised, out of balance you may feel angry, experience inflammation, fever, rash or heartburn.


KAPHA - Earth + Water

Kapha is formed from the elements earth and water. Kapha people love to eat, they have well developed bodies, a good memory and are very calming to be around. Kapha cements the elements of the body, providing the material for physical structure. Kapha lubricates the joints, provides moisture to the skin, helps heal wounds, fills the spaces in the body, and gives biological strength vigour and stability. Kapha also support's memory retention, gives energy to the heart and lungs and maintains immunity. Kapha is present in the chest, throat, head, sinuses, nose, mouth, stomach, joints, cytoplasm, plasma, and liquid secretions of the body such as mucous. Psychologically, kapha is responsible for emotions of attachment, greed and long standing envy; it is also expressed in tendencies toward calmness, forgiveness and love. The chest is the seat of kapha.


Kapha people have good strength and stamina, like to look after others and have calm temperament. When out of balance Kapha can be fatigued, experience sinus problems, obesity, greed and attachment in the mind.

Note: Your constitution or Prakriti, your unique ratio of all 3 doshas, can only be accurately worked out by an Ayurveda Consultant or Dr, who will offer a consultation to discuss your diet, lifestyle and current symptoms, and advise on how to address these. Once your imbalances have been corrected your natural constitution can shine through and then advice will be given on how to stay balanced.

We have regular Yoga Day Retreats which cover different elements of Yoga + Ayurveda.

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