Benefits to working out in the morning

You may know I’m a morning person, my day runs a lot better when I have an active morning, whether it’s yoga, boxing, weights, a cycle or a walk in nature. I also love the morning stillness, before the world has woken up. I appreciate nature so much more during this stillness, often it's a sunrise, but the other morning it was mist hovering and covering the ground like blanket, it was beautiful. It’s officially the first day of Autumn and this is the first week I’ve felt the temperature drop, the mornings are darker when I wake up and the colours of leaves are starting to turn on the tree.  

  1. Although you may not be a morning person, if you work at your routine, eventually you will naturally wake up that bit earlier (but please make sure you go to bed a bit earlier so you get enough sleep.)
  2. You will be less likely to skip your workout; get up and get going before your head figures out what's going on! In my opinion if you work out later in the day, there are too many things that could happen to give you excuses not to go and you don’t have a feeling of guilty later in the day.
  3. You will be more focused on school or work, having that time to myself and a spike of endorphins can leave you fired up to achieving your goals in the day.
  4. Improve your mood; setting the tone for your day will help you to cope in your day to day life which any chaos that may present itself. A peaceful calm and grounding day will help you to maintain that balance throughout the day. Your breath is they key, focus on deep belly breaths to bring yourself back to a calm state.
  5. An active morning jumpstarts your metabolism and regulates your appetite. It will also help to keep that healthy mindset so you can make good choices and help you practice a bit of self-care all day long.


If you are not a morning person I try to encourage you to give it a go, for a week, a month and see how it makes you feel, do you notice any of the benefits listed above, there I am positive you will experience many more benefits.


Join me for a morning yoga flow on Fridays 6.45am - 7.45am at Centrex Conference Centre, Kirkton Campus, Livingston.

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