Which yoga mat should I buy?

YOGA-MAT2 I always get asked the question, which yoga mat should I buy? I’ve been through a few yoga mats since I started my practice and I’m currently looking for a new mat. Here are a few tips if you are looking to invest in a new mat or buy a gift for Christmas.

There are a few things to consider when buying a yoga mat; cost (obviously) thickness, stickiness and grip. You may be tempted to buy a cheap yoga mat from the supermarket to get you started however spending a bit more and looking at suppliers who specialise in yoga equipment will make sure your new mat lasts and makes your practice more pleasant.

Although you can get less expensive mats, you will notice they wear down after a few months or don’t give you the support you need under your knees or whilst doing headstand. Being tall I also found some mats too short in length, so pay attention to dimensions!

Make sure you feel the thickness and texture of the mat before you buy. Be caustious about mats that are thick and squishy, although they might feel great in Savasana, they might not give good grip during standing postures. Some people prefer a thinner mat to feel grounded however I find a mat that is slightly thicker but firm will give you the support you need under your knees.

You also need to consider grip, your yoga mat gripping to the floor and also grip with your hands and feet during your practice.

I would recommend a mat that is at least 4mm thick and from mid range price. Although it is worth investing a bit of money (£20-£40) I would rather you spent money on attending classes or workshops to improve your practice.

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