Breathing Techniques Free Download

Breathing techniques can help us to stay calm, connect with our body and recognise how we are feeling. Through simple breathing techniques we can change how to feel. The Duchess of Cambridge launched Children's Mental Health Week, through charity Place2Be. I love that children's mental health is coming into the spotlight. It's extremely important in order for children to flourish and achieve everything they are capable of. Our health should come before anything else, although you may look healthy on the outside, we have no idea what other people may be going through on the inside. Often our response is to push it to the back of our minds, block it out and just get on with it. This can be detrimental to our health later on in life.

Giving our children the tools to be able to deal with situations that life throws at us will ensure they have suitable coping strategies building resilience and teaching children to find the positives in life and move forward.

I recently gave a talk to our parent network group at school, a colleague of mine set this up to allow parents of autistic children to have support and talk about the issues they face so that they don't feel alone. I spoke about breathing techniques, yoga and diet.

I've created these cards for my pupils which they have taken home and also are on the walls in our quiet room. The breath is an excellent place to start to bring a bit of calm into any situation. Please use these with your children and also for yourself!


Be aware of your breathing . . . feel the movements in the nose, mouth, chest, ribcage.

Start to make your breath longer and slower sending the breath down to the belly so the belly expands out.

Using the full capacity of the lungs and engage the diaphragm.

Continue for a few minutes.