Get the results you want from your treatment

So you're injured, in pain and it's inconvenient, frustrating, really fecking painful, you may be popping painkillers, not sleeping and you just need someone to fix it! You've had enough and don't want to feel this way anymore, you want to get results. Hello Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

I've been there myself, so has Kevin. Between us I hate to think how much we've spent on treatments that didn't work or gave short term relief . . . and then we discovered KCR.

Since we started KCR 4 years ago, things have changed.  I used to tell people about KCR and they would reply 'what's that?' now you mention it and I hear, 'my friend's had that and it helped' or 'I know a KCR therapist in . . . ' word is spreading and more people are experiencing the treatment and feeling better which is fantastic!

"It is the right of every human being to have health  and perfect balance." - Hugh Gilbert

So the logical next step was to get proof. As an organisation Hugh Gilbert has gained 1000 of testimonials over the years, personally we have hundred of testimonials but sometimes that's just not enough.

That's where FOTO Inc. comes in.

Hugh Gilbert Organisation, a group of 25 therapists including Kev and I are paying money from our own pocket each month to be PEER reviewed and gather data which compares the results of our KCR treatments against 15million other cases across America. So we can prove our value to you and improve your healthcare.

FOTO are the Gold Standard Outcome measurement (Physiotherapy Research monitored statistics) in the USA (also Canada)

When coming to visit us what to expect is a FOTO questionnaire which consists of

  • Fast & Easy Computer Assessments
  • Questions specific to your condition
  • Answer based on WHAT YOU THINK

From that FOTO creates a report which we can share with you and shows that;

  • You get better faster
  • You have fewer visits
  • Less cost for you!

The group of therapists who are involved with FOTO inc. have now submitted 2205 cases (95% from Scotland)

Below is our PEER Reviewed stats for the last year.

Each quarter tells you the number of cases submitted ... how many treatments we SHOULD have taken .. Predicted .. (Gold Standard) and then ACTUAL shows how many treatments we actually took to resolve the condition. The results speak for themselves.

We are the # 1 treatment in North America by a very long distance, KCR IS changing Healthcare Dramatically and Permanently.


You can book a treatment with us HERE.

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