Hawaii . . . more than a holiday destination

Why Hawaii

As many of you know, mostly because we can’t shut up about it, we go to Hawaii on Monday. In fact as you read this we are most likely on our way. 

It’s not a touristy trip as many would expect,  the main reason for our trip is not a holiday although we will definitely be seeing many different parts of the island, which will be amazing and having experiences we will remember for the rest of our life.

I didn’t know until recently but Hawaii is actually made up of 7 islands, we are going to Kona on Big Island on which you are never more than 28 miles from the beach and although it’s big island it’s only 4028sq miles, Scotland is 31000.

We are going on the KCR Masters Course and look forward to learning and sharing some new  and refined skills with you soon.

Hugh, the founder of KCR, and Jane have been going to big island for over 20 years and have recently got married out there. They have many friends, mentors and teachers on the island, many of who we will meet and learn from. Hugh has taught us lots of Hawaiian techniques to help us to hone our skills, some of which we pass onto you, others we have shown to children in classes and we really can’t wait to learn more.

Aloha is a greeting or farewell in Hawaii but it’s much more than that. It doesn’t mean hello or goodbye. It is the way we should all live our lives; Love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy. Aloha comes from the heart. ❤️

Hakalau is something as educators Joann and I always did without knowing it. I was often found around the perimeter of a hall using this technique to keep my eyes on all the kids as did Jo when she had a room full of pupils in a workshop when she taught Design and Technology.  This technique is when you are looking forward and focussing on the peripheral and it helps to improve the peripheral vision.  It’s obvious to see why this could be advantageous in sport, you can see more happening around you. It is also an excellent calming state to be in and problems seem smaller when your vision is larger.

Ho'ponopono is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness.  It was traditionally used by Hawaiian healers with the belief that many illnesses and injuries were caused by toxic or bad relationships with others or the gods. Illness could not be overcome without forgiveness on either side.  We watched an excellent video yesterday in which Hawane Rios said, ‘I was always taught to feel the anger, feel it all the way and then let it go’. Certainly an interesting concept, how many of us make ourself sick with worry or feel awful with resentment?

So we are away for nearly 3 weeks, to absorb and learn as much as we can, we are looking forward to some sunshine, time off to recharge. In the meantime you can book online for yoga, KCR, our momentum package and yoga day retreat now for when we come back. You can be one of the first to benefit from the Hawaiian energy and new learnings.

A hui hou (until we meet again)