Health Care vs Self Care

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Self care is a word that's thrown around a lot but what does it actually mean?

Let's first start by talking about health care which will help to understand the difference and how you apply both to your daily life.

Health care is the minimum we do each day which includes things like brushing our teeth, showering, eating nutritious food, moving our body. You can think of it like a car, to take care of our car we put the right fuel in, some of us may have had an experience where the wrong fuel had been put in your car, mif not we've all heard stories of what happens! It's the same with our bodies, if we out the wrong fuel in, it won't work properly. We take our car for a regular MOT/ Service, replace parts when broken, replace tyres or put air into the tyres. All essential to the healthy function of a car.

I believe KCR is part of our health care, like a car, if you hear a noise or something feels off if you leave it, it could cause even more damage or even cause a crash. Our bodies are the same, if something doesn't feel right, we begin to have little aches and niggles and we ignore them, then it could lead to a bigger injury or illness in the future.

So health care is eating the correct food, brushing our teething, showering, moving our body, drinking water, sleeping, taking care of injuries or imbalances the basics we need to function.

Self Care is taking it a step further to really keep our energy levels and spirits high. It's what lights us up, recharges and inspires us. It can be taking a nap, playing with your dog or kids, reading a book, taking a yoga class, going for a run, walk or cycle, painting a picture, having a long bath, having a cup of tea or glass of wine and chatting with a friend or going for a massage.

In Ayurveda, morning routines also include tongue scraping, oil pulling, oil massage, yoga and meditation all essential to health care and balance of the body.

Self Care is something we do above and beyond to nourish our body, spirit and our mind.

Take a moment to think about what you do in your daily, weekly or monthly routines for health care, and what you do for self care. Where do you need to make some changes?

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