How to explain yoga to children



There are a few ways to explain yoga to children and it's becoming easier now that yoga is getting better known and appearing in schools and nurseries. Children need yoga as much as we do, we're living a world that is very fast paced, where the is information everywhere, computers, TV, video games and shopping 24 / 7 there are expectations and pressure for children, even if we don't realise it.

How often do you hear yourself saying; 'I need to do . . .', 'hurry up', ' I'm so busy'

Children pick up on this which can lead to feeling under pressure and create stress, anxiety which can have an effect later in life with things like travelling, experiencing change, dealing with homework, deadlines, exams and even relationships.

This is a great time of year to get started with yoga for children to help the feel calmer, improve sleep and make this time of year a bit more manageable

(but still having lot's of fun of course!)


When I ask children what yoga is their answers are amazing, children can be so wise

  • Yoga makes you calm and relaxed

  • Yoga is happiness

  • Yoga is making shapes with your body


When explaining yoga to children there are a few different ways you can explain it;

  1. Ancient yogis lives in the forest, mountains and caves of India, the looked at their environment - animals and nature, the sun, moon and how everything works together.

  2. Yoga is exercise for the mind, body and our breath, it makes is feel good.

  3. Yoga is ancient science and medicine which helps us move our body more freely, make our bodies stronger, make us feel happy and makes our mind calm.

  4. Yoga teaches up that being happy is our natural way of living, when we don't feel happy something is unbalanced and there are things we can to to change by exercising our mind, body and breath to keep us balance and feel happy again.


Kev was having a discussion one day about the heart and what the function of the heart is . . . one child replied

"the heart pumps love around the body"


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