Interview with Fran Stockley - Part 1

Fran and I first met over Skype and we felt an instant connection. We share a love for a healthy lifestyle and our work is based on a lot of the same principles . . . clearing the way in order to 'feel better than you ever imagined' and live the life of your dreams. Fran is the creator of the BodyLove Detox retreats, which I have the absolute pleasure of being the yoga teacher on her retreats and offer KCR treatments to guests. The second retreat has just finished and the third retreat starts today!

I wanted to meet Fran and interview her to find our more about her journey and what led her to create the BodyLove retreats.

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Can you tell us a bit about what do you do?

I essentially help men and women to clear the way in their body so their body can heal and regenerate itself by detoxing through food, herbs and some changes in lifestyle. What excites me most about my work is that once you clear the way and your body gets back into balance it helps you to get on with the rest of you life . . . you get your energy back . . . have a life which is pain free . . . you don’t ache anymore, therefore you can do more, old dreams come up and you can go after your desires.

What inspired you to do what you do?

My own health journey. When I was 22, I had a big wake up call . . . I was at university in Loughborough studying psychology, I was heavily into sport, my focus was on the physical body.

I had a BIG wake up call, I was unable to partake due to total burnout, I woke up one morning and couldn’t move. I thought I was eating well and moving well but I was exhausted, my body started to change shape, I gained a lot of water weight but I was doing all the things I thought I should be doing and feeling worse and worse. That was the beginning of me realising I couldn’t exercise myself to health, I had to look at what else was going on in my body, my emotions and thoughts.

Now over 10 years later through lots of peaks and troughs, I found the recipe, which is an ever changing recipe because it depends where you are in your life.

It is about simplicity . . .  and I realised then there is a difference between nutrition and detoxification.

‘‘Nutrition is deciding the body is lacking something and you need to fill lack and you need to fill that with what you eat or a supplement.

Detoxification assumes the body has it’s own wisdom so your body, if you cut yourself it heals. Detoxification is the same, clear out your pipes and your body will start to heal you don’t need to take a shed loads of supplements or worry about balance with your food as long as you are eating clean, lots of raw fruits and vegetables.’’


(Images taken by Gary, Fran's partner in life and business. Gary is the chef on the detox retreats) 

Can you explain what detoxification is on a practical level, what suggestions would you give your clients?

It depends on the individual, everyone is the same but everyone’s different, we have the same shape teeth, we’re not carnivores, we don’t have sharpteeth, we’re not designed to tear meat, my belief is we are designed mostly to eat fruits and veg and some nuts and seeds. We have really simple digestion that can’t handle complex foods like dairy from another animal or to eat another animal, it acidifies our body. When someone comes to me who’s eating lots of takeout, or they smoke or drink a lot, their detox can look different to someone who already eats well, practices yoga and sleeps well. Essentially it’s moving towards a fruit based diet.

My work is about getting people to know where their weaknesses are through genetic inherited weaknesses and the working to build that up. To build the strength there through herbal formulas to clear the way so the body can heal and regenerate itself. So detox is about stages, Just taking coffee out of someone's diet can be detox. Or just adding in a more hydrating diet, going from lots of bread and sandwiches to lots of veggies and soups it’s all stages but moving to a more fruit based way of living.

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(this was our feast, when we met for the interview . . .  before and after!)

Part 2 coming next week

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