More choices, more chances for the child to do what they want. 

Quote_choice-680x400 More choices, more chances: for the child to do what they want.

The government initiative more choices more chances is a great scheme. It creates an opportunity for everyone to be in education, training or employment. It means that everyone can find a way to improve themselves and their lives.

Everyone has the right to an education. "The education provided should be appropriate to pupils’ age, abilities, aptitudes and any special educational needs that they might have." (

Local authorities are required to provide free education for all 3 and 4 year olds for at least 2.5 hours a day.

Every child has the right to an education. So why do so many choose not to. As with all rights there are responsibilities. Each child should turn up to school ready to learn and embrace the day that awaits them. We all have to do things we don't like, why are so many of us quick to give in when a child makes a choice. Even when we know it's the wrong choice.

As a children's coach I see a lot of children opting out of a certain activity. The power of persuasion usually works, or a sticker. But how do we get kids to eat the right foods, make friends, not to hit and make good decisions?

Are we too soft on our kids? Recently I've found myself frustrated as children don't like walking to school, we are quick to jump in the car. They find something hard and quickly give up. We need to teach our children to persevere, there is only one way to get better and that's to try again, to practice, to get up, dust ourselves off and carry on.

Next time your child doesn't want to walk to school, don't give up easily. Next time they don't want to eat what's put in front of them the answer might not be to get them something else. When they don't have a good day because something is too hard and they have a tantrum, the worst thing we can do is walk away.

I sometimes get parents who don't bring their kids back to classes as the child gives up. What does this achieve? They enjoy it when they are in the class, they loved every game or task apart from 1, their confidence has taken a hit. If we walk away, quit if you like, we are telling our kids it's ok, we don't have to do it. Even though you know your child benefits from an activity, their confidence will grow and further enjoyment will come.

Too many kids want to play computer games all day, is this a good choice for your child to make? Is it one they should be able to make themselves?

We have all made a choice not to do something we know we should, not to go to a gym session, not to do the dishes and leave them until tomorrow. That's ok, we all do it, but how many of us wish we had done it after we didn't?

A little persuasion, a lot of persuasion, even dragging them kicking and screaming. They will thank you for it in the long run. And next time they don't want to do something things will be easier as they know they don't have you wrapped round their little finger and your choices become their choices. The right choices.

The more choices a child gets the more chances they have to make the wrong choice. This will inevitably lead to children making the wrong choices in the future. They will opt out of their education, they will not make the right decisions. The chance of them making mistakes that will affect the rest of their lives becomes greater.

If they want to move on and progress to something else, support it. But don't step away from an activity that benefits your child. You’re in a position of power for a reason.