How to do Lizard Pose - Utthan Pristhasana

This is one of my go to poses for strengthening and stretching my hips. Lizard Pose - a wide lunge, with various options, hand on floor and leg lifted, knee on floor and hands on floor or bend the elbows working towards placing the elbows on the floor. If you have tight hips, this may not be the most comfortable posture however if you keep practice you will see the benefits. It was a posture I practiced regularly while recovering from my surgery and it's a pose I still do a few time per week. You don't have to be flexible or strong to practice this pose correctly. Every body is unique, so what posture works for one person may need to be adapted for another for a whole range of different reasons. Please go slowly and don't overstretch.

You can reduce the intensity by lifting onto fingertips or placing hands on something to lift the chest up a bit higher.  You can intensify by bending the elbows and lower onto the forearms.

You can make the pose active by lifting the leg up, push out through the heel, lift the back of the thigh up towards the ceiling an hug in around the ribs and belly button.

Make the posture more restorative by dropping the knee, placing a bolster or cushion under the thigh or under the arms for a bit more support.

You can also place your knee on the mat,  avoid putting too much pressure on the kneecap if you have the knee down, place a blanket underneath for extra support. I often hold my knee up for 30 secs to 1 min and then place my knee down and hold another minute or 2.

Let me know how you get on with Lizard pose, if you have any questions or comment below to let me know what other poses you would like to see broken down.

Make the pose restorative by spending 3 or 4 mins on each side, use lots of props and then try this 5 minute meditation.