My Morning Routine

I find it interesting how people start their day. My morning routine has changed over the years but its always started with some sort of activity. Walking the dog, running, cycling, yoga or going to the gym. I feel it gives me more energy, I start my day off better and can achieve more in the morning. When it comes to later in the day, around 4pm, I need a nap! There are certain people who prefer to sleep in and work later into the night, we need to learn what works for us. But I also believe that we can change our routine, if we want to, through a bit of hard work and dedication. Nothing worth having comes easy, right?

The Night Before

My morning routine starts the night before, I choose my outfit and pack my gym bag for the next day, lay out my workout clothes, make my breakfast and lunch.

Alarm Goes off

I get up around 6am, I try to be in bed by 10pm aiming to fall asleep by 10.30pm. I do set an alarm however my body just seems to know when to wake up. This morning for example for my day off, I was still planning my gym session but I knew I could go a little later. I woke up with a start almost like I had stopped breathing and needed to gasp air, I looked at the clock and it was 6.01am. Most of the time I wake up before my alarm, I’m not sure if I’m just weird or getting old!

When I wake up I try to get up straight away, I know everyone says not to but I sometimes scroll through instagram for a bit of motivation. Most people I follow are yogis, nutritionist or in the fitness industry, so I think it’s ok!

I brush my teeth, drink 2 glasses of water, get my workout gear on and head to the gym. I workout anywhere between 30 minutes and an 1 hour. I always finish with a bit of a foam rolling and yoga session, stretching out what I’ve been working on that day or adding in a bit of handstand practice.

I don’t like to eat before a session, if I’m really hungry I’ll have half a banana but otherwise I drink lots of water and eat breakfast after. I get to work or back around 8am, where I have hot water and lemon, breakfast which tends to be a green juice. Unless I’m at home and have time, I’ll make protein pancakes with Greek yoghurt and berries.

There are a few things I’d like to change to my morning routine, I want to get a regular mediation practice going, I do meditate on a regular basis but not consistently every day.

 If you are not really a morning person or don’t normally workout in the morning, try it and see how you feel! I’m sure your day will start better.


Jo Buchan