My Top Natural Beauty Products

I truly believe beauty comes from the inside, if you are happy you look more beautiful. And beauty products don't have to be expensive, I favour quality over quanityt. However the media tells us otherwise, we are barated with images of gorgeous women in bikinis or underwear that leaves us feel too fat, ugly, not good enough. We are harassed with images on TV, magazines, all over social media and encourage to buy things like face creams that will make to make us look younger, or the dress that will make us look slimmer.

In my experience none of that works, we often think buying something will make us feel more confident and happy but in reality, that feeling is temporary.

I’ve been working on simplifying everything in my life. To spend time on things that matter, to have things I my home that I truly love. I’m not a minimalist by any means but I like things to be simple and organised, I don’t want to buy to excess or spend money on things I don’t need or that I don’t love.

My toiletries and makeup have gone through huge changes and I’ve finally found products I love and got myself into a routine. I’ve experimented with different brands and I’ve narrowed it down to just a few. This keeps it simple and less expensive and stops me being brainwashed into thinking the next cream advertised will be the miracle cure.  

NOTE - I don’t buy any beauty products or toiletries in the supermarket, I don’t use shower gel, traditional shampoo or conditioner.  

Throughout my journey of change, it’s moved way beyond the physical pain and has made me think much more about my environment, the effect of food and products may have. So much of what we put into our body is absorbed into our bloodstream.

  1. Face Cleanser and Cream - Kevin’s Aunt makes her own creams and cleansers which are the best I’ve used. The creams consistency makes it feel so luxurious and I love that it removes my mascara. She doesn’t make big batches of these products however her recipes are used by The Lavender Touch, a Scottish based Charity.

  2. Shampoo and conditioner - I’ve experimented with so many different types of shampoo and conditioner, over a year ago my hair started falling out and I was panicking. Thankfully it's now growing back! I use shampoo bars from Funky Soap, the benefits of these are being able to cut them up into small chunks if you’re travelling and they are solid so don’t count as a liquid when flying. The last a very long time (3-4 months) and lather really well. I currently use their Ayurvedic Shampoo but I’ve also tried  few different shampoo bars from them, they are all great.  I’ve tried different conditioners but the best, easier and cheapest is water and vinegar and no you’re hair doesn’t smell of vinegar after. You could add in a few drop of essential oils. I often use tea tree.

  3. Soap - I buy handmade soaps from local markets when I travel. 2 bars of these will often last for months, until my next trip. Kev bought me handmade soap for Christmas from a local business Officer’s Apothecary.

  4. Toothpaste - This is something I’ve changed recently, I wanted to get away from the traditional fluoride toothpaste. I use a herbal toothpaste and oil pull with coconut oil each morning. Oil pulling is essentially like using coconut oil as a mouthwash, I typically do this for 5-10 mins as I’m getting myself organised.

  5. Bath products - I avoid using any bubble bath which may be full of chemicals, I have a bath most night with a handful or 2 of epsom salts and a glug of olive oil. That way my skin is super soft when I come out the bath.

  6. Moisturiser - for a while now I’ve used oil to moisture after a bath a shower, whatever I have in the cupboard olive oil or coconut oil. But since studying Ayurveda I’ve switched to sesame oil. I will apply oil each night and find it’s helps me to sleep. It’s now become part of my daily Ayurvedic routine.

  7. Make Up - I wear very little makeup, but my essentials are a little foundation (under eyes, around nose and on chin) bronzer (because I’m so pale) and mascara. I use Arbonne, my besty became a consultant a few years ago and I tried the products to support her but I love their foundation, it’s the best I’ve come across.

  8. Deodorant - I’ve tried many different aluminium free deodorants, I’m not someone who sweats a lot but I tried many different brands that made me stink! This salt deodorant, I love. I did buy a new one recently as I felt my old one did begin to smell a bit, but I think I’ve had it for a good 9 months to a year so probably about time I got a new one!

So there you have it. My essential toiletries and beauty products. Feel free to ask any questions or share a brand or item that you love.


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