Surgery Day 2

The day of Surgery 25th September 2013

I had done everything I could to prepare. The day was finally here, I was excited, hopeful and whilst I waited for the nerves to kick in...they didn’t!

6.45 - we arrived at the hospital, got checked into my room and the preparations begun. I met with  the nurse who took me through the usual procedures - checking my blood pressure and giving my a lovely hospital gown to slip into. I then met with anaesthetist and surgeon. My surgeon has been fantastic and was very confident the surgery would help reduce my pain - and with a success rate of 80% it filled me with even more hope and confidence.

8am - Let's do this!!  I gave my husband a hug and kiss and it was off to theatre. I was given half a syringe of what I presume was anaesthetic in my hand and then I was sat up on the bed and given a spinal. I was a bit worried about this, as it reminded me of a lumbar puncture I had when I was a teenager. Thankfully I didn't feel anything. I remember being helped to lay down on the bed and then nothing after that.

10.45 - I remember waking up in recovery, I was shaking. I remember being very cold in the anaesthetist's room and I also remember my sports therapist talking about the freeze response. When your body cannot fight or run away it goes into the freeze response in order to survive. To release this this, we shake so I did, I let it happen rather than trying to control anything. The nurses put extra blankets on me. I remember seeing the clock and it was 10.45, I knew I had been booked into surgery for three hours, I was out early, hopefully a good sign. I feel asleep.

I got taken back to my room and I still remember shaking, then I dosed on and off. I woke at 11.30am when my husband came into the room. I felt ok, I wasn't in too much pain, but I was a bit scared to move. My thoughts then turned to my hunger.  Breakfast is the most important and my favourite meal of the day and it was now 11.30am. Lucky I had ordered a good lunch, a turkey, brie and cranberry panini with salad.


2pm - The nurse checked  if I was in any pain, my immediate response was to say I was fine but she said not to try to push through any pain but to take painkiller to help. I had two tramadol and dozed off. The pain felt like a burning sensation but was bearable.

After a consultation with surgeon* and a visit from the physio for a lesson to how to use crutches I was ready to go home.

*Before the surgery, the pain had began to spread up and around my abdominals / ribcage and down towards my knee. The pain in my side was like a vice around the area squeezing. The surgeon said this was not related however I felt it completely relax after I had my surgery and I’ve not felt the same pain again since.

5.20pm - Home time. The car journey was fine on the way home, I had about a 40 minute journey home. I had brought a pillow with me but didn't need it, I only began to feel discomfort towards the end of the journey.

I felt positive, relieved but extremely tired.


And so my recovery began...

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Jo Buchan