Top Fears Around Starting Yoga + How to Overcome Them



There are many fears around starting yoga, below are top 5 fear and advice on how to overcome them

  1. I’m Not Flexible!

You don’t have to be, and that’s why you should come to class. We all have different bodies, some people are naturally more flexible than other and depending on how we spend our days, if we have jobs we spend tie sitting or driving for long periods of time all affect our flexibility.

Practicing yoga consistently will improve your flexibility which, it takes consistent practice.

I’ve had many clients who’s goals have been to touch their toes, it takes time but it is possible.

  1. What if I fart?!

Maybe this should be number one, yes it’s a fear . . . and I’m not going to say it won’t happen but the likelihood is that it will. One of the ways to try and avoid it happening is not to eat for 2 hours before practicing. If you practice yoga on a full stomach and practice yoga it can feel extremely uncomfortable, you are working internal organs as well as muscle, all those twists definitely get things moving.

If it does happen in class, most likely it will be ignored and the class will continue! No one has died of embarrassment!

  1. What if I fall on my face or look stupid?

Again I can’t guarantee that you won’t fall over, but I promise that I will share all my tips and secrets to make you feel strong in a pose. However falling over is part of the practice, we’ve all done it at some point, I’ve had everything from a slight wobble in a standing pose to full on face plant or forward roll. However you might not be attempting these postures until you are feeling a bit more confident with your practice. There are many postures where you may feel stupid but guess what, we all do so you’re in good company . . . no one is looking at you, they are too busy worrying about how they look or feel. At the end of the day we’re all here to support each other.



  1. It’s too hard!

Of course it is! I think that’s one of the things people are most surprised about, yoga is much harder than they expected. It’s called a ‘yoga practice’ for that reason. We have to practice consistently. Embrace the challenge, try your best.

“The man who thinks he can and

the man who thinks he can't are both right.”

— Confucius

  1. Everyone is better than me

No they’re not, they may have been practicing for a bit longer but each time we step on our mat we’re different. You go at your own pace, I’m guilty of comparing myself and often feel I’m never good enough or someone is better and guess what there will always be someone out there who is better at something, when I take my focus away from other people and focus on myself is when change starts to happen and I feel less anxious. We don’t know what that person has done to get to where they are, what stresses or injuries they have in their life.

Yoga has different options and progression but no levels, you do what you can and with time and dedication you will get better.

So how to I overcome these fears?

Nike put it perfectly - Just Do It! I’ve often found when I’ve been afraid of something it’s the fear of the unknown, once I’ve done it, it’s never been as bad as I thought and I sometimes as myself what's the risk if I don’t do it?! Maybe this year you want to try something new, develop new habits, lose weight, sleep better, reduce the stress in your life, yoga can help you to tick all of those boxes. So what do you have to lose?!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear.

Action breeds confidence and courage.

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy.”

- Dale Carnegie

Take Action - attend a class now, if you have any other fears or questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

YogaJo Buchan