What Happen's During a KCR Treatment?


Today we want to demystify what happens during a KCR treatment. KCR stands for Kinetic Chain Release. Kinetic Chain Release is a series of mobilisations and stretches which help to bring the body back into alignment. You can read a bit more here and here.

“What do I have to wear?"

"What if it’s painful”

“Will it be relaxing”

"Will KCR help (insert condition)"

These are just some of the questions and thoughts that we hear.

KCR is becoming much more common and people from all over the world are feeling the benefits the treatment has to offer. 

We hope you love KCR as much as we do,  we're sharing what goes on during a treatment.  To help you understand why we can help you go from feeling aches and pains that you've lived with for years, feeling stressed and unable to sleep, to feeling lighter, blissfully calm, and pain free often in one treatment.

So what actually happens during a KCR treatment?

Kinetic Chain Release KCR

Kinetic Chain Release KCR

If it’s your first experience of KCR (We're so excited for you!) Get ready to go from imbalanced to balanced! We have paperwork and health forms for you to complete, (all part of our insurance and record keeping, we never share any of this information) we get all your paper work done before you arrive so we can focus on the treatment.

We have two forms for you to complete (I promise it won't take long). The first questionnaire will require personal details and information about your health history, why you’ve made your appointment (we will discuss in more depth during your appointment) please complete this form as soon as possible as we require information on this form in order to get the second form to you

The second questionnaire is from FOTOincwhich will ask more specific questions about your condition.  We are working with FOTO - Focus on therapeutic outcome in order to prove the efficacy of KCR. Our results show;

  • You get better faster

  • You have fewer visits

  • Less cost for you!

You can find out more about this here. If you do have any questions, please ask. 

On arrival to The Barn please come in, we may be finishing with clients so please make yourself comfortable and we'll be with you as soon as possible. 

You will be offered a glass of water and we'll have a discussion about anything that may be relevant to your condition, we may discuss things like your occupation, activity / sport, diet, stress, sleep, and anything else which may be affecting your health.

You will be fully clothed during your appointment so please wear something comfortable to move around in. Jeans are not great to work on or move around in! KCR is a non invasive treatment, we want you to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. To start with you will sit on the bed, you will then be lying on your back but you will be asked to move onto your stomach, on your side, sitting up as well as lying down so you want to wear clothes that will be comfortable for you to move around in. 

We first check your leg length (most of us have a leg length discrepancy) and then start working at your ankles, whether you have came in with ankle, knee hip, shoulder pain or headaches (we walk on our feet!). We work on realigning the whole body through a series of mobilisations and stretches. There may be parts that are tender and you might find yourself saying ‘ouch’, ‘eek’, ‘that hurts’ ‘that feels so good’ but you are in control and can say ‘STOP’ at any point.

During the treatment you may experience different sensations, I often hear things like “ouch”, ‘oooo’ ‘the feels painful, but like a good painful, ‘I feel like I’m floating’ to ‘I’m feeling something moving from my hip to my ankle’. It’s all really amazing to hear, the human body fascinates me!

You are in control of the treatment, you can say ‘STOP’ at any point. This is your treatment, please let us know straight away. There may be some discomfort but please let us know if you want us to back off or stop and we can adjust.

After treatment, most of our clients have such a look of complete calm on their face (a natural high or sense of relief) sometimes it’s a look of shock realising that their pain has gone!

So what happens next?

After your treatment you will be given a glass of water (and a reminder for you to keep drinking water) and we'll discuss exercises for you to complete at home to maintain everything we’ve done as well as discussing a treatment plan.

In some cases a shorter treatment plan (1-3 visits) can be all that’s needed. With more chronic conditions or those who take part in sports it can take longer or more regular treatments are required. As your symptoms become less noticeable, you can see us less and less. As much as we enjoy seeing our clients, we’d rather you were out enjoying life and booking in your ‘MOT” when you feel those niggles start to return.

As for how you’ll feel later in the day or the next few days - everyone reacts differently to their first KCR treatment. Some people feel exhausted and tender while others get a boost of energy. We will email you the next day and ask how you’re feeling as well as remind you of your exercises to maintain everything we've done so far.

Either way, whether you feel exhausted or energised, start to listen to your body.  Your body was working hard during the whole treatment - moving a lot of energy and doing a lot of healing - all of which can be a little tiring.

With regards to activity after your treatment, make a judgement on how you feel, you might not feel like your usual, run, gym session and may want to do something gentle such as restorative yoga, go for a nice walk or give it a miss and rest.

So there you go! A KCR appointment deconstructed. If you have any questions after your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask.

KCR was developed by Hugh Gilbert P.T a man who's helped to change our lives and we are honoured to call him our mentor and friend.

Comment below and tell us what other questions you have about KCR!

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