Why you need your own Yoga Mat

Your own yoga mat can make a significant difference to your yoga practice. While you can practice without one, use a towel or a different 'gym' style mat, having your own yoga mat can make your yoga practice feel sacred, easier and more comfortable.

If you feel like you are sliding, gripping, don't have enough cushioning or your mat is too small then it's time to think about investment in a mat which will make your practice much more enjoyable.

From a practical sense choosing the right mat can give you the correct cushioning, grip, softness and make a huge difference to how your body moves when you practice.

Having the correct mat should make your yoga practice feel easier.

You use both strength and flexibility in a yoga practice, the last thing you want to worry about is holding and gripping if you feel like you are sliding, which can make you overstretch and hang out in your joints.


Stay off my Mat! . . . . Your mat can become sacred, a space you can sit or stand on and feel safe and calm. It separates your space from others, the floor is public space, the Yoga Mat your private personal space. You will see people tip toeing around in a yoga class avoiding other peoples mats.

I've tried so many different mats and decided to buy mat, and do the hard work for you! If you are visiting us at The Barn, feel free to look and try out the mat to see which one you prefer.

I've had my current mat for over 2 years and the mat before that I had for 8 years, it's still perfect, Kevin now uses this mat. If you practice once per week, a good quality mat costs less than £1. Well worth the investment!

Below are some of my recommended yoga mats

Pro Lite Yoga Mat from Ekotex - £45

Liforme Yoga Mat - My current yoga mat - £100

Manduka Travel Yoga Mat - £40

Clearance Mats from Ekotex - various

Contact us with any questions.

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