the fascia (connective tissue) forms the largest system in the body
as it’s the system that touches all other systems
— James L Oschman, PHD


For a long time, connective tissue was thought of as 'cling film' around your muscles. Often in medical schools the connective tissue was removed from cadavers to study “the important stuff” underneath.

Your connective tissue is important to every move you make, when your connective tissue is tight or damaged you may experience many different symptoms, including headaches, muscle or joint pain, neck and back pain, a lack of flexibility to name a few. 

We suggest starting with KCR first as when the body is aligned, the connected tissue release easier and quicker. CTR - The Hugh Gilbert Method, address planes of fascia that are not normally addressed in traditional Myofascia or Connective Tissue Release work. This treatments is for those who have not gotten the full resolution of symptoms from the application of KCR alone.


Please note when booking, you must book a KCR treatment first before booking KCR + CTR together. Connective Tissue releases better when KCR is performed first. We will discuss when you are ready for CTR and introduce you to postural energetics to practice at home. Postural Energetics is a self releases weight bearing exercise, to help you tune into your connective tissue and fine tune your posture. This will help to facilitate the release of connective tissue restrictions in a gentle way.  

We do not create peace anywhere, we uncover it.
— Jimmy Twyman
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