why every child should practice yoga

Yoga covers a huge range of skills, tools and techniques which helps to take care of a child's health and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Yoga helps to build resilience and to help a child to self-regulate when deal with different challenges they may face throughout childhood and beyond. 

On a physical level Yoga helps to maintain a child's natural flexibility which can become tight through prolonged sitting, yoga will help to create strength on a physical level but also on a mental level.  Working through physically challenging yoga postures can help to build that self-resilience that comes with facing a challenge. Yoga is something that can be practiced anywhere at any time. 

Yoga with Strength and Soul include physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation along with mindfullness techniques so help children build their toolbox to pick and choose from. Developing their ability to cope and self-regulate with whatever life throws their way.

We will also draw upon different cultures in our teachings from our travels, trainings and mentors. We have been lucky to visit and learn from people from Hawaii, India and Sri Lanka and draw up the Vedic and Hawaiian cultures. 



Bring you class to visit us at The Barn for a yoga class, mindfulness techniques, walk around nature on the grounds of the farm where we can see the wind turbines, visit animals and be surrounded by nature.
Visits can be tailored to your needs, school or specific projects you are working on.

Half Day - 9.30 - 12.00pm

Full Day - 9.30 - 2.30pm

4-8 week blocks of classes



We offer a block of 6 - 8 weeks

Off one yoga session for Health Week, in service for staff






Coming soon

We are currently developing our online and offline training courses for schools, teachers and parents. 

If you are interested in training please get in touch

At first there was lots of giggling but once pupils were used to it they started getting into a ‘routine’ and a lot of them started asking if we could do the breathing exercises at the start of the lesson. I found it calmed them and made the rest of the lesson more productive.”
‘’The children have improved in their concentration when doing poses and it can really settle them down.’