Our day retreats are very special, it'a all about you, take one day to tune into what your body really needs. Completely escape from your day to day responsibilities, leave everything behind  . . . make time for yourself a priority. I know you need it. 

Just remember you can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself first

We hold yoga day retreats at The Barn each month. We start the day with a cup of tea and a yoga practice, followed by some beautiful fresh food, a walk or workshop (this changes each month) followed by a beautiful restorative yoga practice and deep relaxation leaving you feeling, calm at peace and one step closer to healing your mind + body. 


Morning Yoga Practice

Start the day with a cup of herbal tea and a morning yoga practice, moving your body will make you feel energised, strong but calm and fluid. 



Throughout the day you are surrounded by nature, beautiful trees, animals and the only noise you are likely to hear is the wind, rain, the occasion noise from a dog, pig or birds chirping.  



We'll have a delicious breakfast / brunch of homemade or locally sourced delights to nourish our bodies from the inside out. 



End your day with a restorative yoga class making your feel like you are floating on a cloud. You won't want to leave!


“My yoga day retreat with Jo was a lovely experience – a beautiful venue and a great bunch of people. I’m pretty much a beginner to yoga, but that really didn’t seem to matter – Jo explained everything really well and put us all at ease. The day finished off with a calming relaxation yoga-nidra session. I really didn’t want the day to end – it was just what my body wanted!”


Saturday 31st MARCH - 9am - 2pm

Ayurveda is yoga's sister science. Spend a day practicing yoga from an Ayurveda approach and learning about an Ayurveda approach to life and health and some simple ways you can start to bring these philosophies on into your own life.

The food we eat, the yoga styles we practice and the kind of life we lead has a direct effect on our health so we need to ensure the things we are doing are supporting us to stay balanced.   

We will start off the day with an overview of Ayurveda, we will then lead into a yoga practice which will include postures, breathing techniques and meditation related to the new season. Followed by  an Ayurvedic inspired breakfast and a workshop of what it means to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Jo will teach you a daily routine for self care so you can start making chances straight away. 

This will be am amazing day of nourishment for the body, mind, senses and soul.