The Ultimate FREE online course

Take charge of your health - Alleviate Pain, Use Food as Medicine and Transform your life

this course will help you to;

  • Alleviate Physical Pain even if you’ve had surgery, are living with chronic pain, or have a current injury or illness

  • Use food as medicine to improve the function of your digestive system, absorb nutrition from your food and clear toxins

  • Increase your happiness, giving you a feeling of calm and contentment

  • Help you to develop a deep awareness of your own body and know what 3 actions you need to take to improve your health now.

    I’ve been where you are . . . dealing with physical pain, feeling stressed, and anxious. Knowing that I’m not feeling my best and tried many different approaches to help. Yoga and Ayurveda have transformed my life and I want to help you to do the same.


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What you will learn in this course;

VIDEO 1 - What is Ayurveda

How you can apply the ancient science of Ayurveda to your daily life

Online ASSESSMENT - Discover your Ayurvedic Dosha

  • Identify and learn about your unique Ayurvedic Dosha

Video 2,3 + 4 - Vata, Pitta Kapha

  • Become aware of your imbalances and start to make changes to your diet and lifestyle today.

PDF RECIPE - x2 Home Remedies

  • Learn how to make 2 home remedies from herbs that may already be in your kitchen to help improve digestive system to help you absorb nutritions and clear toxins

  • Create a quick and easy home remedy that will become part of your daily routine and you’ll feel lost without it.

VIDEO 5 - Yoga Practice to Clear toxins

  • Practice yoga, develop an awareness of sensations in your body, moving through yoga postures which will help to improve circulation and clear toxins

  • Practice yoga even if you are injured, feel unfit or inflexible. Practice in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you