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" I am now considering not going ahead with knee surgery after the improvement I have made."

I'm facing a full knee replacement surgery and I was unable to walk and do normal activities and yoga seemed the perfect answer to this.

How did you feel before you had (KCR / YOGA )?

I was thinking that nothing could be done to help my knee, I fell really quite depressed about it all and scared that I was facing an operation that might not even improve my situation. For my first treatment of KCR, although I had read about it, I wasn't quite sure what it was all about so I was a bit unsure of what to expect.

What fears did you have that held you back from having treatment / practicing yoga?

I did not really have any hesitations, I looked on the website and I read all about Jo's experience of her having hip surgery and thought, she will understand what I am going through. I can't stop recommending you now to everyone I speak to.

What significant changes as well as small changes have you noticed? 

Amazing results. Since I have been practicing yoga, the pain in my knee has greatly reduced. I can now walk without my crutch. My knee is getting stronger all the time and I can now see a way forward, to healing myself through Yoga. I feel so much happier and now just can't wait to get onto my mat and keep practicing. The KCR treatments have enhanced the way I feel and have given me more flexibility.

On one particular yoga class, Jo said that it would focus on hips and knees. I was particularly sore that night and had to take painkillers just to attend the class. This class was the turning point for me. We did some very difficult stretches and poses, and I struggled with them, but managed to do them with adjustments that Jo suggested. After the class, I got out my car, and walked down my path, I knew something had changed. I was walking without the same pain (if any) and I did not need to take my normal dosage of painkillers after that class. Something had just clicked into place and I was able to now walk without the crutch that I had been using. It was like a Christmas miracle. I am now considering not going ahead with knee surgery after the improvement I have made.