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" With busy lives it’s important to take time for yourself. Not just in a hippy way but investing time in your body and head. Yoga does that for me and helps put everything back in balance. Jo and Kev are excellent and will help you learn as you go along. They are extremely professional but more than that they are lovely people and it’s a joy attend the classes or KCR. You couldn’t be in better hands!."

How did you feel before you had (KCR / YOGA )?

Yoga - I thought it was going to be awkward and that I was probably going to be the only guy in the room. KCR - a bit apprehensive about what it would entail.

What hesitations did you have about treatment / practicing yoga?

To be fair the thought that men don’t do yoga do they? Went through my head at first. And probably the thought of how hard can it be. How wrong I was on both counts.

What significant changes as well as small changes have you noticed? 

It’s been epic. They both give you a feeling of calm and strength. Yoga is brilliant as you learn your limits with your body and how with time you get past them. It helps balance me out every week and definitely helps with sleep, posture and movement. It’s amazing how much it makes you feel alive. And it’s damn hard work at times and not just for girls. KCR is also superb. Afterwards you feel about two inches taller and everything is back in balance.