Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour.
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
— ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

We start together w/c 5th March

Give us just 6-8 weeks and we can help you to transform your body and mind so that you can reduce and work towards removing your pain, feel a sense of ease and freedom in your body. Through hand on body treatments, breath work, yoga and a bag of other tools we’ve used on ourselves and clients we can help to reduce and remove your pain. Even if you love cake, enjoy a glass of wine or 3 and have never stepped a toe on a yoga mat and you can keep your clothes on!

As you go through your day, sitting reading this now, are you in pain? . . . Do you try to get on with your day to day life but feel exhausted? . . . You have tried going to the doctor, taken painkillers and perhaps tried different therapies?

. . . You feel out of balance, don’t want to admit how much pain you are in, or show this pain . . . You are fed up feeling this way so just try to get on with it. People may be surprised to know how you really feel . . . you experience feelings of frustration, anger, fear, insecurity . . . do you want to make a change?

. . . Enjoy life . . . Reach your potential.

When was the last time you felt truly balanced, you know that feeling when life just flows, things happen effortlessly, your head is clear, your body feels strong, you are enjoying all the small things in life?

Can’t remember the last time that happened? We get it, life gets in the way, we get stuck in a rut, experience injury or illness and are not sure how to move forward.

It’s time to free yourself from physical and emotional pain so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life that you’ve been craving for as long as you can remember. Even if your stuck in a cycle of painkiller, sleepless nights, working too much and pushing your body too far.



+ You are open to receiving hands on treatment to deal with your physical pain and bring your body back into its natural alignment, feeling more balanced and energetic.

+ You are finally ready to get your life back - no more taking painkillers, ignoring the problem or pushing through it (we’ve all been there). 

+ You are finally ready to run that race, play that sport, attend a yoga class, or just run around with the kids, grandkids, dogs. But you're ready to be the BEST version of yourself. 

+ You are willing to do the work . . . Listen to our advice, do the exercises, make the changes. Take charge of your own self care, we will be there every step of the way to offer support, encouragement, but you also need to do the work to see the results

+  You believe that you can get better and are ready to look at your body and mind from a different perspective

+ You don’t just want a quick fix , you want to feel completely different and feel ‘alive’, ‘energised’ and make real lasting changes.


- You are not willing to make the small changes we suggest or do the exercises we  (we will not tell you to stop playing sport or spend a fortune on an ergonomic chair)

- You’re looking for an overnight transformation for your holiday - you know those don’t exist, you don't get over cold and flu in 24 hours!

- You’re not ready to actually commit, to  and you’d rather have results without the work.

- You truly believe that you can’t become pain free to transform. We believe you can do anything you put your mind to, but if you've made up your mind that things can't change, then we've sorry but we're not the right fit for you.  


What's Included

* Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)
* Connective Tissue Release (CTR) * Joint mobilisations
* Stretching
* Breathing Techniques
* Email Support
* Printable, planning
* Goal Setting


* 30 Minute massage / or additional CTR

* Yoga classes (5 yoga classes) 

* Home Yoga Program


What to Expect


REALIGN - We’ll start with an initial consultation, intention setting and treatment, spending time discussing your medical history, how you are currently feeling, how you want to feel at the end of the program.


REFRESH - Second treatment and discussion of goals, tools and small simple changes you can implement into your daily life to keep your body balanced and your mind set on how you want to feel.


RESET - Third treatment and introduction to Connective Tissue Release we will continue resetting the physical body, brining the body into a more balanced state, lowering stress, improving sleep,


RESULT - From day one you will start seeing results but after week 4 you will feel like you are making progress. Let’s celebrate the small steps!

WEEK 4-8

SUSTAIN / NOURISH / SUPPORT - Go away with a plan to sustain what we’ve done so far with support in another 4 weeks time to check progress.

Since starting my yoga journey with Jo, I have been astounded by how much impact it has had physically, emotionally and mentally. I am in no doubt, a significant part of my very positive experience is because of Jo and her amazingly kind and sensitive way of teaching and healing.
I am now a yoga and KCR convert. I love my practice with Jo, especially if I am in enough time for class to be positioned with a fabulous view over the fields and concentrating on the sheep to get me through a movement, it feels like heaven.
The only place I could ever go for the peace and relaxation my yoga practice and KCR provides is with Strength and Soul at the Barn.
— Justene
Jo has magic hands! From the moment I walked through the door I felt comfortable, I found Jo really easy to talk to and ended up sharing a lot more than I expected.
The treatment was physically tough and draining, I needed a sleep afterwards!
Jo managed to listen to me and my body and focus on what I needed. The results for me have been fantastic, I have gone from being hugely frustrated and feeling I would never run to getting back out training running a 10K now weekly and have signed up to train for a half marathon!
Thank you Jo.
— Miriam
Would highly recommend KCR treatment. I have noticed a massive difference after a treatment, No pain in my shoulder & neck.
— Pamela