Sports Clinic Is it Suitable for you?

We are launching our sports clinic on October 31st.

This clinic is for athletes who are taking part in sport on a regular basis and are committed to improving performance, speeding up recovery and getting back into competition.

Is it Suitable for you?

Anyone involved in sport whether competitive or not that is dedicated to preventing injury, aiding recovery and improving performance.  (athletes who can’t be bothered implementing some small changes need not apply)

Treatments are bought in a package which costs £130 which includes an initial 45 minute consultation(£49) and 3- 30 min appointments (£40).  This package is to be used in 30 days which may involve coming once per week to the sports clinic or possibly a shorter schedule that can be discussed according to your needs.


With Kevins experience in sport, sports injuries, coaching and improving performance these 30 minute appointments are geared towards injury prevention and recovery, improving body mechanics and alignment and keeping you on the pitch, track, course, court, in the pool or wherever you need perform. (behave)  

I understand the need to be performing at your physical best and the need to be able to turn out at the weekend or to complete that event.  


When booking a block of these appointments you are required to complete an intake form setting out your injuries, issues, and simple aims.

Club rates available for clubs looking to improve team performance and get your players back in the game.