The Strength + Soul Approach to Pre and Post natal yoga

Classes are suitable for those who are new to yoga or if you have practiced before. Yoga and movement will feel different as your body grows with your baby. I've been teaching yoga for over 4 years and pre and postnatal yoga close to 3 years. My training in Kinetic Chain Release, Connective Tissue, Energy Healing and Ayurveda influence how I teach to give you more than just a physical yoga practice but to help support you mentally, emotionally and provide a supportive environment. During class I'll help you to deal with any physical pain or discomforts offering some hands on assist (if you feel comfortable) suggest home remedies and offer advice to help you stay in the best health possible to support your body during pregnancy and then to recover and rebuil postnatlly.



Who it is suitable for

Suitable for women who are 14+ weeks who have never practiced yoga before or for those who have practiced yoga and want to understand how to adapt the postures and support your body during pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga can help to deal with the many many strains both physically and mentally that pregnancy places on the body. Yoga with help you to relax, gain strength and help you to prepare for birth. This is a dedicated time for both you and bump to connect and a chance to meet other mums-to-be in the area. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your journey.

Some benefits of pregnancy yoga:

  • Nurturing “me time” – supporting your intention to take care of yourself and your baby,

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Relief from aches and pains, including tension in your lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders

  • Developing strength and stamina, providing you with more energy and increased strength for carrying growing baby throughout your pregnancy. You will need this strength to carrying your baby comfortably once they arrive.

  • Calms your nervous system which will improve digestion, sleep, and supporting your immune system to function effectively

  • Boosts circulation, helping with fluid retention and further enhancing immunity

  • Prepares you physically, emotionally and spiritually for childbirth, empowering you to access your inner strength

  • Decreasing the risk of prenatal and postnatal depression

  • Increasing healing, resilience, and coping after birth

  • Providing a supportive community of women at a shared stage in life, and the opportunity for continuing friendships after birth.

Research at The University of Manchester have studied the effects of yoga on pregnant women, and found that it can reduce the risk of them developing anxiety and depression. There is also evidence yoga can reduce the need for pain relief during birth and the likelihood for delivery by emergency caesarean section.

Please note that antenatal yoga classes go under the banner ‘antenatal care’ for the NHS which means you are entitled to PAID time off work to attend. Please have a look at the DirectGov website for more details. 



Who it is suitable for

Suitable for women and babies who are 6-10 weeks post birth, after giving birth until you have received the all clear from your  Midwife, DR or Health visitor. Classes suitable for all levels, no prior practice of yoga required. 

This Postnatal Yoga class will be focussed on YOU as a new Mum. It’s a great way for you to connect with your baby and other new mamas but importantly to rebuild, support and strengthen your body as it heals, repairs and continues to support your baby.

This class aims to support and empower women at this important time of life. Rebuild your core strength and reduce fatigue with a simple yoga practice that will leave you feeling more at home in your body

For the first 6 weeks after baby is born it’s important for you to spend time bonding with your baby and giving your body time to recover. From 6-10 weeks you can start to think about joining a class like postnatal yoga or some other form of exercise. Please listen to your body and advice from your GP before returning or starting class.

his class will give you a chance to ;


Start strengthening and aiding your body in the repair process, helping your body to heal, repair and support your body during this time.


The Barn is the perfect environment for you to feel relaxed, feel comfortable with other mums. We’ll also work on breath work and relaxation to help you with the challenge of late nights looking after your little one.


  • Postnatal yoga is not suitable for women in the first six weeks after giving birth until you have received the all clear from your Midwife, DR or Health visitor

  • We require a signed health form (to be completed when booking) so know your health history and all us to provide you with the best support.

  • While generally we advice not to eat 2 hours before a yoga class, eating before a yoga lighter snacks may be necessary for you, please listen to your body.

  • If you want to Join a regular yoga class, we advise 3-6 months after baby, depending on your birth. Please note the regular classes are not focussed on postpartum recovery.


This is a wonderful course for mum’s to be, the breathing techniques, postures and meditation are both relaxing and empowering.
I attended Jo’s pre-natal and continue to attend her post-natal yoga classes. The pre-natal yoga sessions were very good and each class had a focus to it, however at the beginning of each class Jo would ask if there was anything particularly bothering people and made sure she worked with the individual to help elevate any symptoms. The great thing about Jo was she took the time to get to know each person and she was great for just knowing what to do to make you feel better by the end of the class. Jo is an expert in yoga but I think it was great how she incorporated her other learnings into her sessions when she felt the need to. One of my favourites was when she would do a grounding exercise with the class. I also loved the yoga nidra. At the end of class she would always end with a relaxation which was a great way to end the class and I always slept great after class that evening. The post-natal classes have been an absolute godsend for me, having had a pretty traumatic birth, Jo has helped me build my emotional and physical strength back which I am truly grateful for. These session focus on ‘mummy’ on how to rebuild the physical body back up following birth. It’s great to see how relaxed and settled the little ones are when ‘mummy’ is relaxed. It’s also nice to catch up with other mums for a cuppa before/ after class. The environment at The barn is nice, relaxed and tranquil and makes the experience so much more pleasant too compared to other classes I have attended in the past when you are in a rented hall/room. I can’t thank Jo enough for her everything she has done!

— Emma


+ What classes are available?

Classes are run in blocks, if a block has started and there is space, you are welcome to join in part way through the block. Please book a drop in class or email

+ When can I start pregnancy yoga?

You can attend pregnancy yoga from 14 weeks.

Please note that KCR treatments are available in the first trimester of pregnancy but NOT after. KCR will be fantastic postnatal to help realign the body and help it to heal.

+ When can I start postnatal yoga?

You can attend postnatal yoga from 6 weeks or 8-10 weeks if you've had a cesarean section. Babies are welcome from 6 weeks to crawling.

+ I have no experience of yoga, can I still attend?

Absolutely, there is no experience required. The class is different to a normal class where specific postures, breathing techniques and relaxation are designed for pregnant women / postnatal women to help with pain relief, help you to stay calm and give you tools to help prepare for labour and your journey through motherhood.

+ What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, (your baby for postnatal) maybe some water. I have all the equipment you will need, if you do have your own yoga mat and would like to bring it along, please feel free. You may want to wear layers and some cozy socks for relaxation.