Historically, yoga was taught one to one and private session are a wonderful way to dive deeper into your own individual health journey. Private yoga sessions are tailored to your own individual needs and goals. Whether you wish to focus on strength and flexibility, or more therapeutic approach, exploring restorative and yin yoga (working with connective tissue, releasing and restoring the mind and body), all of which will include elements of breathwork and meditation. Or whether it’s focussing on recovering from an injury or illness, starting yoga for the first time, or deepening your current practice – the benefits of a private yoga practice designed specifically for you are invaluable.

A private yoga practice will begin to make positive transformations to your health and assist you on developing a valuable daily routine.

You may prefer to practice yoga one on one to work though a specific area of tightness or tension, to help recover from an injury, to learn more about yoga and the correct alignment for your body, or to help deal with something more emotional. KCR, Yoga and Ayurveda focus on removing the cause of any physical or mental disorders, dis-ease, injury, or illness – rather than only treating the symptoms. 

Develop a home yoga practice to help transform your life. Create daily routines to help you reduce pain, overcoming illness, use food as medicine and yoga to help strengthen the body, create space and calm the mind . . . while following the natural rhythms of nature.

When your inner world become balanced your outer world follows.  


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I had the best, most restful nights sleep I’ve had for weeks after my first ever yoga class with Jo. She is a great teacher who made me feel relaxed and confident from the offset and what a beautiful location to learn in too!

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

Session 1 - Consultation + KCR treatment

Before we start working together, I strongly recommend we start with a KCR treatment. This will help to realign the body, provide me with an assessment of your movement as make your practice much more effective. 


What to expect

  • Session 1 - 75-90 minute consultation and KCR treatment 
  • Session 2 - Private Yoga session
  • Session 3 - Private Yoga session
  • Session 4 - Private Yoga session
  • Home Yoga Program



We'll have 3 private yoga sessions together to assess your movement, injuries and individual needs.  We'll work through a sequence of postures which will form the basis of your home yoga program looking at the correct alignment for your body.


What's Included 

  • 4 private sessions
  • Written home yoga program
  • Ebook
  • Guided Audios
  • Access to printable yoga sequence and videos
  • Email support




Aspire to develop a practice they can easily do in the privacy of their own home

Need a practice to support specific injury, illness, or any personal condition

Would rather avoid group yoga classes, or struggle to find time to attend a group yoga class

Would like more personalised attention to improve their practice

Are curious about the other elements of Yoga, such as pranayama, philosophy, and meditation

Are struggling to stay in balance with their health ongoing

Are willing to create long-lasting and deep-rooted change


“My yoga day retreat with Jo was a lovely experience – a beautiful venue and a great bunch of people. I’m pretty much a beginner to yoga, but that really didn’t seem to matter – Jo explained everything really well and put us all at ease. The day finished off with a calming relaxation yoga-nidra session. I really didn’t want the day to end – it was just what my body wanted!”



1 KCR Treatment, 3 private yoga sessions*, each lasting for 60-75 minutes

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: Over the duration of our sessions together, and behind the scenes,  I will be creating your personalised home practice program. The sequence will be tailored, tweaked, and refined just for you based on all the information I’ve gathered during our time together about your needs, injuries or illness, your Ayurvedic constitution, and more.

You will receive a detailed copy of your unique home practice sequence, which you can take home and immediately implement. 

Note – A guided video of your sequence can be purchased at additional cost, if you require a visual guide to assist and motivate you through the practice at home.

*In some specific instances a 4th private session may be required, depending on the depth of the program you desire and/or if you have multiple concerns requiring more attention.

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