Learn more about your Ayurvedic Dosha

which will help you stay balanced, healthy + free from disease

Ayurveda sees the body as a whole, and interprets illness as a sign that the mind and body are out of balance. Understanding my dosha is the key to understanding yourself on a much deeper level, knowing what activity you should be doing or not doing and food you should be eating or not eating.

It’s important you pay attention to your bodies signals to help understand what you need.

According to Ayurveda we have our own unique constitution which is a mix of 3 Doshas - Vata (Air + Space), Pitta (Fire + Water) and Kapha (Earth + Water). Each dosha has a unique blends of physical and psychological characteristics, we often have one dosha that is dominant. When your Doshas are balanced you can live to 100 years. Our unique ratio is called our PRAKRITI known as our natural state when everything is balanced. Once we know our unique constitution this guides us to a lifestyle that will allow you to live a healthy life. Vikriti is our imbalanced dosha.

Ayurveda helps you to redefine what health means to you. Without dieting, listening to media or feeling deprived.  Knowing your dosha its gives incredible insight into identifying imbalances and helping you to understand the correct diet and lifestyle for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This quiz helps give you a better understanding of Ayurveda and the doshas, please do not  diagnose yourself and start making drastic changes without the advice of an Ayurveda practitioner. When we self diagnose and start changing your diet and taking supplements, you can cause even more harm and further imbalance.