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Yoga + Ayurveda Day Retreat - Digestion

Our Yoga Day Retreats encourage you to take a day for you, your body, your health.

Do you feel satisfied after you’ve eaten?

Do you feel energised?

Or do you feel bloated, have IBS, diarrhea ,. . . .  then your digestive fire is wrong!

Our yoga and Ayurveda day retreat  starts at the heart of all health problems according to Ayurveda our Digestion. When our dogstion is strong we will have good health, immunity and a person can live a long and healthy life.

Take the day just for you.

A Guide for the format of the day

8.30 - 9am - Arrive & Tea

9am -  Vinyasa Flow Yoga

10.30am - Breakfast

11.15am - Ayurveda Digestion Workshop 

12.15 - 2pm Yin / Restorative Yoga