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Beginners Yoga - 6 weeks

6 week beginner course - with Ruth

Do you want to have better posture? Do you want to sleep better, reduce your pain, feel stronger and more energised?

This 6 weeks beginners yoga course will cover yoga postures, breathing, meditation and some additional tools, tips and life hacks to help you to make lasting change and start you on your yoga journey. We will teach you all the essentials you will need to start practicing yoga, laying the foundations and building confidence to attend regular yoga classes or begin a home yoga practice.

I'm not promising that you will drop a dress size in 6 weeks but what I will promise you is . . .

+ a shift in your thinking, your perspective

+ to begin to rebuild a stronger body and mindset

+ to make better choices

+ to have support to help you make lasting change.

+ Learn how to practice yoga, meditation and breathing techniques

+ To feel calmer and more energised


Practice yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Yoga truly is for every body, it’s not about being able to touch your toes, yoga is about moving and breathing intentionally, understanding our own bodies and being in the present moment.

What you will get

+ 6 yoga classes

+ 1 additional Yoga Class of your choice from our timetable

+ Printable Yoga Sequences to help practice at home

+ Audio Relaxation Guid

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This course is for you if >>>>

+ You are new to yoga and never practiced yoga before

+ You are ready to learn about and start practicing yoga

+ You are recovering from injury or illness

+ You want to try something new.

+ You’ve practice yoga or have done in the past but want to go back to some yoga foundations and look at your practice from a new perspective.

What to expect

You will learn some key postures from each of the main groups including standing poses, forward & back bends, twists, sun salutations and simple inversions. We will also look at the importance of alignment in all postures, how to work towards experiencing ease & stability in your poses and the importance of the breath – its effect on your practice and using it as a simple way to start meditating.

Later Event: January 16
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