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Yoga + Ayurveda Day Retreat


Ayurveda is yoga's sister science. Spend a day practicing yoga from an Ayurveda approach and learning about an Ayurveda approach to life and health and some simple ways you can start to bring these philosophies on into your own life.

The food we eat, the yoga styles we practice and the kind of life we lead has a direct effect on our health so we need to ensure the things we are doing are supporting us to stay balanced.   

We will start off the day with an overview of Ayurveda, we will then lead into a yoga practice which will include postures, breathing techniques and meditation related to the new season. Followed by  an Ayurvedic inspired breakfast and a workshop of what it means to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Jo will teach you a daily routine for self care so you can start making chances straight away. 

This will be am amazing day of nourishment for the body, mind, senses and soul.

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