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  • Booking essential

  • Class can be cancelled or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance

  • When booking a class pass - you will be give a code to use. You then have to book your individual class.

  • If you are having some problems trying to book please follow our video guides below

I’ve been doing yoga with Jo for a while now and can’t recommend her highly enough. She strikes the perfect balance for me between challenging you physically and giving you a workout but also ensuring that you leave relaxed and energised. Love it!
— Ruth Hollis


+ What classes are available?

See our timetable above or click here to book.

+ What is your Cancellation Policy?

Classes must be cancelled or reschedule 24 hours in advance. You can do this by clicking Change / Cancel booking at the bottom of your confirmation email or by logging into the booking system. Classes not cancel or rescheduled will not be refunded.

+ Where are classes held?

All our classes are held at The Barn, Netherton Farm, ML7 5TT. 10 mins from Bathgate / Armadale, 15 mins from Livingston.

+ I have no experience of yoga, can I still attend?

Absolutely, there is no experience required. You do require a good level of fitness or experience of yoga for the Thursday 7.30pm class however all our other classes and events are suitable for all levels. I always give various options of postures so you can choose what is most suitable for your body.

+ What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, maybe some water. I have all the equipment you will need, if you do have your own yoga mat and would like to bring it along, please feel free. You may want to wear layers and some cozy socks for relaxation.

+ What do I wear?

I like to wear layers, a vest top, then long sleeve top of jumper. It’s good to have the options (I hate feeling cold). A tight fitting top or something that has a drawstring tie as there are inversions (down dog, headstand, handstand, shoulder stand) during the class so expect to go upside down at some point! You don’t want your top falling over your head! You’ll be bending, stretching, twisting, so it’s important to be comfortable. And don't feel like you have to spend money on fancy yoga clothes for your first yoga class, it's more important that you're come along to practice.

I like to wear tighter fitting trousers, when moving into downward facing dog, your trousers can fall towards your knee, not that this is a huge deal but it helps to just keep your focus on your body and breath and let go of any insecurities and worries about your clothing. [Read more here][2]

+ Is there space for me to change?

There are toilets downstairs that have space for you to change if coming straight from work

+ Is there somewhere safe for me to leave my things?

We want to keep the studio as clutter free as possible, if you have a small bag you might leave it by your mat otherwise you can leave your bag downstairs. We are the only people using The Barn, we may have clients coming in and out along with other coming to class however you're belongings will be safe. But if there is anything you don't want to leave in your bag, then please do not bring it with you.

+ I'm pregnant can I still attend the regular weekly yoga classes?

A pregnancy yoga class would be more benefical as it helps to deal with specific breathing techniques and to help prepare mind and body for labour and motherhood. However if this is not possible then yes, you are welcome to attend the regular yoga classes. Please make it clear on your form when booking, giving as much information as possible. On arrival we will speak to you and suggest some moditifcation you will need to make due to baby bump to help make your practice more comfortable. Feel free to contact us by email